Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The last molars to appear in the back of your mouth are referred to as wisdom teeth. Most people will develop four wisdom teeth. As the wisdom teeth begin to erupt, usually in your late teen years,  they often may not have the space needed in the dental arch to be functional. In these cases the wisdom teeth are impacted and begin to push up against the adjacent teeth.  They basically get stuck and only half erupt.  This can be problematic, resulting in discomfort, swelling, decay and may times leads to infections if not addressed.

At Park Dental Specialists, our oral surgeons are highly adapt at this very common dental procedure of removing the wisdom teeth. During your consultation the oral surgeon will review your x-rays to determine the length, shape and location of the wisdom teeth. Once it has been determined that the wisdom teeth need to be extracted the oral surgeon will explain the procedure with you. Depending on the severity of the impaction of the teeth many patients elect to be put to sleep with twilight sedation when the teeth are removed.  Sedation requires special instructions which will be discussed with you.

The surgical area may bleed for a little while after surgery, which is very normal for this procedure. The patient should rest with their head slightly elevated. The use of ice packs and pain medication will help ease any discomfort. We would advise limiting the diet to soft foods for a few days after surgery. If the patient experiences prolonged pain or is having difficulty with healing, we encourage you to contact us.

For more information regarding follow up care, please click the link below.

Follow Up Care For Extractions