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Our dental implant experts have been improving the lives of Chicagoans for over three decades. From single tooth implants to denture replacement and full mouth restorations, we have the experience to enhance your smile and quality of life.

But don't take our word for it; watch the videos below to hear about life-changing dental implants from Park Dental Specialists' patients.



Single tooth implants are common and can replace a tooth that is failing or damaged. A pair of implants are often used to replace a failing dental bridge (which has a far shorter life span than implants). Hear about Milan's pain-free experience and how he can now enjoy the foods he loves again and confidently smile in front of friends.

"Not only would I do it again, I would do it ten years sooner."




Being a goalie on your University's Lacrosse team can be hard on your teeth. Mix that with three Mt. Dews a day and never seeing a dentist and Adam had decay that was beyond repair. Hear how dental implants changed Adam's smile and restored his confidence at work.

"I never smiled with showing my teeth my whole life... It's cool to get complimented on your smile."




Diane became a patient 20 years ago when her dentist referred her for root canals. Fast forward to today, she was faced with getting dentures or full-arch dental implants. Her dentist referred her to us again. She wanted a permanent solution that looked like natural teeth and let her enjoy the foods she loves with confidence.

"If having this done right matters to you, this is the place to come."



Billy wanted to look the part at work, and knew he needed to fix his smile. Dr. Manos fixed his broken-down teeth and he now has the confidence to live his life to the fullest. 

"I don't even think for a second that they're not my teeth. They're mine now, and I'm thrilled with them."


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Myron sells custom-designed jewelery. He was face-to-face with his customers every day, and was not happy with the way his smile represented him. He considered dentures, but wanted a more permanent option. Now that he has dental implants from Park Dental Specialists, he is more confident, and no longer hides his smile. 

"Before this process, I would have never opened my mouth like this. Life is much sweeter."


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